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A tiny row house in Brazil

Take a look how this old piece of property turned into a contemporary 2BHK with a terrace vegetation.

Lets have look who it has been transformed

After demolishing the old existing structure the total plot area was just 4 x 24 meters which is designed to have 3 levels with ground, upper and terrace garden.

The Ground level

Its is designed so well that it can fit a leaving space and a kitchen divided with folded sheet metals stairs in between.

The Kitchen

A well organised kitchen always brings beauty and meaning for the space. It occupied with same island next to the dinning, hydraulic tile flooring with stone counter top.

The Upper level

It will be provided with two bed room on either sides of the stairs along with small and composed bathrooms. A wider window in the bed room gives more freshness and inspiration in all beautiful mornings.

Last but not least the terrace

It is composed with small lane for all those quality moments, includes terrace forming

Glean Interiors Design for life

Design for all budgets and all tastes.

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