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Made in India

In this traditional Delhi home, from the flooring to the furniture, everything is made in India

“We rooted the architecture in time - honoured Indian practices, and chose to make the courtyard the heart of the home,” says Kapil Aggarwal of Spaces Architects@ka. Before initiating the design blueprint, Aggarwal and his team conducted a detailed study to glean the forgotten hallmarks of Indian architecture.


You'll be greeted by sweeping facades of white, rustic mosaics and cantilevered forms. The house breathes spiffy charm, yet presents guests and inhabitants alike with little reminders of its ethnic roots.

Living Room

A traditional material scheme reigns over the space. Vivid Jaisalmer stone tiles clad the floor, pointing towards the glorious havelis of Rajasthan. The earthy palette is given a contemporary counterbalance with subtle infusions of colour by way of the ivory-hued walls.

Family Lounge

Characterised by tactile surfaces, warm herringbone flooring and a heady palette of cobalt and mustard, the family lounge is a cosy getaway reserved for relaxing and unwinding. All that's left to do is slide open the floor-length windows and step into the garden—a cuppa in hand—for a peaceful evening amidst nature.

Dining Room

Enter the dining room, and you'll find dove grey, pine and pastels veiling every visible surface. A rectangular dining table and upholstered dining chairs lend the room an air of formality, diffused only slightly by Mandala-print sheers and globe-style pendant lights that inject a dose of whimsy.

First Floor Lobby

A gleaming, brown-treaded staircase leads to the first floor, where an island-style lobby awaits with a table for two. A gallery wall with indigo prints acts as a soothing antidote to the scintillating backdrop of the central court

In this beautiful home 2 more Bed rooms, Second floor Lobby and a sap are designed.

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