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Cabin in the woods

Take a tour to The ‘Kujdane’ cabin which enables the passage of snow and rain through the interior of the house by Shomali Design Studio.

Located in Northern Iran - Kujdane means, "very small" interpretation of the traditional A-frame rooftop.

The Elevation

It is designed in such a way, that the conventional A-frame sloping roof and split it in the centre with a hollow glass vertical passage offering an element of surprise. In additions the interiors are designed in contemporary and stylish, creating the wooden material palette of the structure is complemented with muted-grey interiors and paired with a façade of full-height glazing.

The Façade

Front facade comprises floor to ceiling glass windows to view the nature's beauty all the time.

With the horizontal concrete slab and sloping A-frame makes the structure looks like flooting on the ground.

Modern Interiors

It has a compact, duplex-style, open-layout interior. The upper level houses the bedroom and the study, while the lower level has an open kitchen and living area. The lower floor also extends to a small outdoor deck with a staircase leading to the ground level. The cabin has a standing seam metal roofing system and a wood linear ceiling. The wood along with the muted-grey interiors create a warm and cosy, homely ambiance.

Being with Nature

The highlight of this Kujdane is the open core vertical cabin which allows to enjoy the nature from inside.

"My advice for other architects and designers who want to create unique and unorthodox buildings is to be engaged and aware of the world around them and have the courage to think differently, not be afraid and not worry about others judging their work!” concludes Yaser.

Hope you all enjoyed to know about this unique arcitecture and interiors og Kujdane.

Keep visiting for more stories and tours.

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